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Macbook Air : Lighter and thinner

December 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Not long ago Apple introduces new MacBook Air is thinner and sexier than ever. From design, Macbook Air, of course, still retains the concept of a thin form factor and lightweight. This time the Macbook Air has a thickness of only 0.3 cm in the thinnest side and 1.7 cm in thickness side. For weight, Apple managed to cut quite significantly from 1.32 kg to 1.06 kg. Macbook Air will be available in two models which are 13.3 inches and 11.6 inches.

Storage section is fully handled by Solid State Disk (SSD), which replaces the hard disk or optical disk. SSD size smaller than normal hard disk is the key to success in cutting dimensions and weight of the Macbook Air. SSDs also promise to work more quickly and because it is lighter and smaller, so are able to give a more spacious place to be filled more batteries.

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