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ASUS NX90JQ : With High Class Audio Quality

Latest Notebook ASUS NX90JQ is a Multimedia Center that is designed for user convenience in computing activities. Not only comfort is concerned, because Asus is also really concentrate and work with the parties who are very competent in their field to deliver this premium notebook.

The design is very interesting NX90JQ. According pegged price of approximately USD 22 million, NX90JQ appear with a strong premium impression. Very sturdy and classy. Reliable designer David Lewis who is also the owner of David Lewis Designers design studio based in Copenhagen was asked to design the appearance of this NX90JQ. Lewis previously known as the main designer for Bang & Olufsen products.

About Bang & Olufsen, Asus has also implemented SonicMaster ASUS exclusive technology, a hardware and software innovation in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower. With the best codecs and amplifiers strongest current notebook and room resonances that ten times larger than notebooks in general, NX90JQ give audio quality increasingly impressive. Because the width of the bottom parallel to the screen, so when folded the speaker will remain visible.

Another uniqueness is the touchpad is made ​​in two. Both flanking the touchpad are black keyboard with soft keys. So what Asus gives two reasons for the touchpad? Apparently both touchpad is planned to be a substitute for the mouse. Touchpad left to right-click the left / right while the touchpad to move the cursor.

As a multimedia computer, Asus NX90JQ equipped with Intel Quad Core i7 740QM, 8GB of DDR3 memory, NVIDIA GeForce graphics card GT335M, LED Display 16-inch wide, BlueRay combo drive and dual hard disk Samsung 640 GB. Asus also provides a USB 3.0 with a faster transfer process.

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