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MSI X420 : with Two Graphics Cards

In the ranks of the X-slim notebook owned by MSI, the X420 is the latest series. Previously, to line up the X-Slim series MSI has launched the X600 series (15.6 inches) and X340 (13.3 inches). The difference in MSI X420 carrying the screen size of 14 inches. By that measure, this notebook does look pretty big. But with a thickness of only about 24 mm, the overall weight to 4.1 pounds, or approximately 1.85 pounds.

The screen on the MSI X420 is HD (High Definition) resolution 1366 x 768p with ratios 16: 9. With a wide angle, users can still enjoy the view screen to tilt 45 degrees. Not only does HD video, pictures or photos can also be seen with a very clear and sharp. You can save videos or photos and other files to your hard disk capacity of 250 Gb. For sound quality, it has not shown much as a screen.

MSI X420 comes with a choice of processor is Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 (1.3 GHz) or Intel Pentium SU4100. Our test notebook uses an Intel Pentium platform SU4100 with CULV (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage), which only takes the power of 1.05 to 1.15 V and 10 watts TDP. From the specification, SU4100 processor has two cores, 1.3 GHz clock speed and L2 cache 2Mb. To support this processor, MSI choose the type of DDR3 RAM memory capacity of 2GB.

What’s interesting is switchable X420 offers facilities for graphics cards called GPU Boost Technology. This is possible because MSI has planted two graphics card options, namely internal Intel GMA X4500MHD, and ATI Radeon 5430. The process of transfer of these graphics cards using the two buttons above the keyboard or applets Switchable Graphics.

When you open a heavy application and require a powerful graphics, just press the button with the icon ‘3 D ‘. Machine will automatically switch the graphics card to ATI Radeon 5430. It’s just that during the process of transferring the screen will be blank for about 5 seconds. And if just a minor move, just press the button on it to switch to graphics card Intel GMA X4500MHD.

For means of connectivity, there is Wi-Fi, VGA, RJ45, HDMI, USB / eSATA, SD card, and audio in / out. This notebook has been bundled with operating system Windows 7 Home Premium as well as integrating a number of backup software built like MSI, MSI image viewer and a bonus game from MSI. 32wh-capacity batteries that can last up to 3-4 hours. Unfortunately, MSI X420 is not equipped with the existence of optical drives.

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