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ASUS EeePC 1015p : Clamshell Design

Although the global mini notebook or netbook market has decreased, it does not mean the vendors reduce their production. Evidence, Asus has released a brand-new netbook Eee PC 1015p. Netbook offers a cool design, long-lasting batteries (optional), the latest generation processors and bundle the software has been interesting.

Asus Eee 1015p is designed Seashell (shells) are more rounded and sleek plus hallmark of fine lines that resemble sea shells. Small size is 262 x 178 x 23.6 mm and weighs 1.1 kg will allow you to take anywhere. The screen size of 10 inches with a resolution of 1125 x 864p. On its sides provided a USB port (3 units), LAN, card reader, and VGA. Do not miss the web-mounted camera that has been coated lens protector that slides.

An interesting feature is the presence of Express Gate facility to access the five applications without entering operating system. The facility is quite important especially when the operating system damage resulting device can not enter the main menu. With Express Gate, you can still access the photos, web, flash games, Skype and instant messenger services as this feature does not use the device’s main operating system.

Asus Eee PC1015p using Intel Atom processor N450 that has a clock speed of 1.66 GHz. These processors have integrated memory controller and graphics into NM10 Intel Express chipset capable of handling 720p high-definition graphics. As a result, you can enjoy videos in HD format 20p in the device.

In terms of memory, Asus Eee PC PC1015p have undertaken a capacity of 1Gb DDR3 RAM manifold. It is still standard, but compared to previous series (DDR2), this memory has a higher bandwidth up to 1600 MHz. As a result, opening menus or applications and processes run faster data transfer. Asus is also equipped with hard disk drive storage capacity of 250 Gb. Not only that, also available online via an alternative storage Asus Webstorage with a trial version for 60 days.

On the Asus 1015p that we are testing, the batteries are still of type 3 cells with the power of up to 3-4 hours to event browsing, chat, and play a song. If still not satisfied, you can buy disposable batteries alternatives with time up to 13.5 hours of which are sold separately. To support the batteries, Asus has implemented technology Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) which will adjust the power settings when the CPU works.

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