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Fake Nokia Batteries

There is a lot of fake batteries of Nokia around us in Indonesia. So, sometimes it make us tricked because we don’t know about the difference between the fake batteries and the original. We must be careful about this. Why? Because, if we use the fake batteries it can make our phone damaged.

How we know about the difference?

  1. Price
    Usually the fake batteries has a low price, it’s very.. very cheap. It is save if you buy it from the Nokia’s distributor.
  2. Text Label
    Usually the text label of fake batteries is very bad, I mean the quality of the text label is more dark or not clear. If you repeatedly rub this text label with your hand it will be lost.
  3. The Hologram
    The hologram at the batteries is not clear. The color of the original hologram is dark brown, the fake batteries has a bright color.
  4. The Rubber
    The top side of original batteries is made from rubber, the fake batteries is made from plastic.
  5. The Package
    The original batteries has a package made from paper and there is a hologram in front of it. Usually the fake batteries has no package.

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